ECO2 = EI x SEA x POP??

There is still one man out there beating the drum on the whole myth of Global Warming that is an economist and a politician…he is Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.

Vaclav spoke at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change and this article (Climate alarmists pose real threat to freedom) from The Australian is an edited reprint of his speech.

In his speech he proposes the equation seen here:


Emission Intensity (EI) x GDP per capita (SEA – size of economic activity) x Population (POP) = gives us the volume of CO2 produced

Based on this equation, which is a realistic representation of the CO2 production for any country, President Klaus says the following:

“If we really want to decrease ECO2 we have to either stop the economic growth and thus block further rise in the standard of living, stop the population growth, or make miracles with the emissions intensity.”

So what should we do?

In President Klaus’s speech he proceeds to prove how economic impacts (decreases in GDP) have had these decreases (and increases) to the CO2 output in Europe and how that the alarmists will cause a great deal of destruction to the worlds economies if realistic information such as these are not taken into account.

Personally, I have been a vocal advocate for having all of these “man-made” global warming nuts hold there breath until the matter is resolved…I mean come on the hot CO2 coming out of Algore alone would reduce CO2 emissions by a huge percent!

But in reality we do not want governments determining what the population should be nor do we want them to squash economic growth. If we are to forgo the growth in both population and economies we will never be able to achieve anything more…mankind will come to an abrupt halt.

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