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With the election going on I’m working hard to ensure that Racine turns Red next week so blogging has not been a priority but this morning I saw the following come across my desktop and knew that I had to post something about it.

As most of you know I absolutely love the Tax Foundation. They are a non-profit non-partisan group focusing on sound tax policy. Well they created the CompeteUSA project designed to “raise public awareness of America’s high business taxes” and had a video contest and the following videos are the winners…everyone of them is worth watching!!!!

First Prize ($5,000): Andrew Patterson of Edmond, OK - "Tax Attack"

Second Prize ($1,000): Craig Kirchoff of Alexandria, VA - "Sally, the Corporate Income Tax and You"

Third Prize ($500): Lori Harfenist of Brooklyn, NY - "Taxes, Schmaxes"

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