Name that Place

I know that this was supposed to be done yesterday but with me traveling I can only do these things at night a schedule them to publish…well I forgot so here it is on Wednesday…I scheduled it late in the day in case I forget to do something on Thursday!!

Last week was South Hills Country Club…looks like everyone got that…must have been easy.

Well this week’s is easy to…

Name this Place:

4 comments to "Name that Place"

  • South Hills Country Club driving range.
    Hows that for not having been to WI in almost 9 years and not being a golfer?

  • Um...9 years huh?

    Well I guess you don't know Racine as well as you think becuase this ain't South Hills Driving Range...Sorry!

  • How about the Winchester Gun Club?
    (Which I remember thinking 'hmmm, I wonder what that is?' as I hunted for the random photo site.)

  • lol
    oops my bad
    and its not knowing Racine its knowing how to use google earth and a search at the same time.

    and if we wanna be picky about it, I left Racine almost 15 years ago and the last time I visited was 8 years ago. :P

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