Minimum wage…again

The press is all over the story that President Bush would support a Federal increase to the minimum wage if it came with tax incentives for small business.

Wow…this is the same bill that the Republicans tried to put through before the election, the Democrats fought it, the bill was ultimately defeated, and the Republicans did not make political hay out of it!

Think about it folks Democrats voted against a minimum wage increase because it came with tax cuts for everyone…what makes the President think that Democrats are going to roll on the idea of targeted tax incentives to small businesses?

Here is what we need to point out to our Liberal friends:

88% of States (44 of 50) have a state minimum wage

38% of States (19) have a minimum wage that is higher that the Federal level (Wisconsin being one of these states)

So if a State can raise their minimum wage higher than the Federal level…why do we need to raise (much less have) the Federal minimum wage?

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