Just another trip

Hello everyone!

Did you miss me?

Last week I was attending a worldwide audit meeting in Turin, Italy for the company I work for. It was a great time.

Once again we got to see that the “hatred” of Americans is far from the reality. While the dollar is weak against the euro right now we still managed to spend quite a bit of money in the area and loved every minute of it.

We had people from Italy, China, Poland, Brazil, Spain, and the US in attendance.

The hotel we stayed at had CNN and MSNBC Europe as well as BBC so I was able to stay in touch with some of the goings on in the states but the ‘big’ thing that was on every time the TV was on was the Bali conference and I kept seeing Algore’s face…talk about scary!!!

I will endeavor to spend some time blogging this week in hopes of getting everyone in the mood for the New Year and the upcoming Presidential elections. So stay tuned and I will try to make this a great ride!

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