“Man-Made” Global Warming

We have all heard the battle cry of the “tree-hugging” left that there is “consensus among the scientific community that man-made global warming is real.”

Well I hate to rain on their parade…yet again…but scientific fact is not based on general agreement but in cold hard data.

While the anti-warming nuts were basking in the warm climates of Bali in recent weeks the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works produces that following report…I have to say it is well worth the read!

Here are a few highlights:

Meteorologist Art HornCarbon dioxide is a natural part of the air. Humans are adding some additional amounts but it is a very small part of the total, water vapor is by far the most significant greenhouse gas, five times more effective at retaining heat from the sun and 50 to 100 times more plentiful in our atmosphere.” And “In a free society an open debate on this important issue needs to take place, not the one sided drumbeat we get from the media

Chemical engineer Robert W. HahnWater vapor and atmospheric methane account for most of the greenhouse effect, about 95 percent. Humans account for less than one-tenth of one percent of the greenhouse gases and about three percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If we stopped burning all fossils fuels, including natural gas, coal, wood, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and the like, it would have very little effect

Australian Scientist Jonathan LoweIf CO2 was the major cause of global warming then we would see no significant difference in rate of change of temperature anomalies, in other words, all temperatures should increase equally. If the sun was a major cause of global warming then we would see no or limited changes at night, an increase in the rate of change approaching the middle of the day, and then a decreasing rate of change of temperature anomalies when the sun starts to lose its daytime strength. So what do we find when looking at the data? The data points heavily towards sun induced global warming."

Chemical Engineer Dr. Tony BurnsNo one questions the recent Antarctic ice cores from Dome Concordia, with ice up to 700,000 years old, which show increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration occurring about 1,000 years after global temperature rises, thus suggesting that high carbon dioxide levels are a result of global warming, not a cause.”

There are plenty more nuggets all with links to where they were published…and for you nuts out there…most of them are in peer reviewed journals so get over it!!

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