Simple piece of Legislative CRAP!!!

SB 135


So let me get this straight the State Statues say that public schools must instruct on “Knowledge of state, national, and world history.”  And the democrats in power think that it is a good use of their time to MANDATE that public schools also “including knowledge of the history of organized labor in America and the collective bargaining process.”


These people are out of their minds…can you say “drunk with power.” 


This is what Senator Lehman thinks is good for Racine?  Has he noticed that the unemployment here is going through the roof?  Will MANDATING that the public schools teach “collective bargaining” help to correct the complete incompetence of WEAC teachers?  Why is it so important to indoctrinate our children into the union mentality?  How would Senator Lehman have responded if Republicans offered “including knowledge of the founding of the Republican Party in Ripon, WI and its history of fighting for civil rights and the environment”? 


I urge you to write Senator Lehman and tell him to drop this and get on with the business of the State!!!



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