I’m appalled…

…but then again it is over Eugene Kane so I guess it is nothing new.


In yesterday’s JSOnline blog Eugene once again defends Rev. Jeremiah Wright and proclaims two things:


#1 “even the "God damn America" sermon had roots in biblical verse


#2 “But then, if you are acquainted with the black church, you know he didn't really say it the first time, either.” Referring to Rev. Wright saying “God damn America


So let me get this straight…the Bible says (in some form) that God damns the United States and that I need to be familiar with the black church to know this and know that it does not really mean what it says?!?!  What form of BS is this?!?!


Just a month ago Eugene stated “The mayor who sent it is still insisting it wasn't supposed to be offensive. So I guess that means some folks still don't really get it.  Sigh.” As it related to an image of a watermelon patch superimposed on the White House lawn.


Well Eugene I guess you fall into the same group…You just don’t get it!!  Denying that “God damn America” was uttered by Rev. Wright is MORE offensive since you not only disrespected a segment of our great country you offended the WHOLE country as Rev Wright did!  Then you make it worse by some how slandering the black church by saying that they know he didn’t really say it…it’s on tape you fool!!! There is no mistaking it…there is no “out of context”…it is what it is…Offensive!

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