Do they want KRM?

If a choo-choo is a needed commodity here in SE Wisconsin why has the business community sat on their hands for nearly 20 years?

Now I have made it very clear that the idea of a train that runs from Kenosha to Milwaukee with no fewer than 10 stops in between is, in my opinion, an asinine idea.  While I feel that way I hear day in and day out how much the “business community” loves the idea of this train.

So I ask again, why has the “business community” sat on their hands and allowed this “vital link” waste away in the hands of government bureaucrats?

They have had 20 years to create a corporation, raise funds, build infrastructure, and make it happen…so why have they not done this?

Why wouldn’t profitable companies in SE Wisconsin want to create a company that, in their own words, “would bring people and business to the region”?

Would it not be prudent to invest in a business that would have about 1.7 million riders annually (

If this were such a “vital link” to Chicago why would we still be talking about it and not seeing it?

There isn’t a single business in Wisconsin that is willing to spend some of their own money on a venture like KRM because: 

  1. no business is willing sell a $45 product for $5
  2. there is not high demand for train service in this region because the population center (and business community) is not that large


So why are we still waiting for KRM?


The answer is simple…it will not succeed. 


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  • As you noted - the successful businesses in Racine are successful for a reason - they don't invest in projects that are certain to lose boatloads of money.

    So, then the question has to be, why are these successful businessmen so anxious to burden the taxpayers with an unsuccessful venture? The answer: BECAUSE THEY CAN! Lead the sheeple to the slaughter please.

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