Today is May 1st


…the 121st day of the year

…244 days left in the year


Births on this date include:


Tim McGraw (1967) – Musician

Joel Rosenberg (1954) – Author

Scott Carpenter (1925) – Astronaut

Art Fleming (1924) – Game show host

Jack Paar (1918) – TV host

Calamity Jane (1852) – Wild West Performer



Deaths on this date include:


Spike Jones (1965) – Musician

Joseph Goebbels (1945) – Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi’s



Events on this date include:


MGM Studio’s in Orlando opens (1989)

Worlds Fair opens in Knoxville, TN (1982)

Amtrak is formed (1971)

Francis Gary Powers U-2 plane is shot down (1960)

Empire State Building is dedicated (1931)

British colonies abolish slavery (1834)

The Illuminati is established (1776)


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