Lefties and guns

This is not the way I want to start a morning.  I open my Google Reader to see the following story: Conceal and Carry on Two Wheels 

Now you are all reading this and saying to your computer – “What did you expect? It is posted on folkbum’s blog!!”  And I really should know better but I usually can handle the lefty crap that is out there but every now and again there are things that just drive me nuts.

Bet you that if we had conceal and carry in Wisconsin, the bicyclist would have gotten a permit, so what we had here was a case of C and C de facto.

The worst part about it is this guy probably believes that!  

This is not a case for or against CC in Wisconsin.  This was obviously a disturbed individual that took out his aggression on two police officers.  Trying to tie this to CC just makes the writer look like a kook.  

CC is permitted in 48 states.  If there were cases, such as this, that involved a person with a CC permit I would guarantee these anti-personal protection people would be all over it and pounding the story until CC was removed from these states.

But the cost benefit of having so many guns flooding our society has not worked out in terms of situations like this one, or kids finding guns, suicides, settling arguments, etc.”

Cost benefit?!?  What the hell is he talking about?  Again we are not talking about a law abiding citizen.  If you want to talk about guns in the hands of criminals like this guy then lets talk about that but when you lump people like that in with the rest of us you cross a line that is not realistic.  

If you really think that we should remove the right of all citizens to have guns because criminals use guns then you must believe that we need to ban computers because pedophiles use computers.

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