It is such a shame that in this country we would actually have a business that would refuse to sell an issue of a magazine because of a controversial comic.

I was simply shocked to read this article! (Link)

I can not believe that Borders would do this. What are they afraid of? Do they think that those Muslims that live in this county are going to start a war over this? This is a country that is based on freedoms that other countries do not have. Borders should not shrink from this issue of Free Inquiry. If Borders is going to carry the magazine all issues should be available to the consumer.

I’ve seen the comics and while I am not a Muslim I can see why there would be some distaste of the images, just as I hate the images I see of President Bush. The reaction of Muslims, in other countries, to the comics is central to Borders actions. They are in essence afraid of pissing of a group of people and they are being racist about it. Borders thinks nothing of allowing conservative, liberal, racial, ethnic, and feminist depictions in magazines but stops a publisher when it comes to a comic that they dislike.

I am simply appalled.


  • Your first problem was being shocked at anything writen in a San Francisco paper.

  • What I'm not understanding is there fear "safety and security of our customers and employees" We have carried many controversial products in our stores and have never seen any riots, fights and wars.
    Bingham says "We absolutely respect our customers' right to choose what they wish to read and buy and we support the First Amendment," Where if anywhere are they showing that by not caring this product. And to think I was going to work for them.

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