Congresswoman McKinney

A major non-issue has become an all out attack of the security in place around the Capital.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has sent out her lawyer thugs to start the accusation that her race, not the fact she ignored an order by security officer, is to blame for her altercation with the Capitol Police.

Congresswoman McKinney wants to start the racial name calling then let’s have at it.

This in not an actual news report but maybe closer to the truth:

Congresswoman McKinney obvious hatred of the white race could have been the reason she blatantly ignored the officer who asked her to stop, not once but three times. She was then so shocked that a “lowly white man” would place a hand upon her highly superior and elected body that she did the only thing that any intelligent black woman would do in that position she fought to defend herself.

Congresswoman McKinney refusal to apologize stems from her belief that the white officer is so beneath her that there is no need for her to apologize but for the officer to pay to have the stink of his touch removed from her clothing.

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