Okay…what are these people smoking.

In a recent article about our dearest friend Cindy Sheehan the leader of a fringe group called Global Exchange was quoted as saying "We have done everything we could think of to end this war, we have protested, held marches, vigils ... lobbied, written letters to Congress, now it is time to bring the pain and suffering of war home. We are putting our bodies on the line for peace."

They are bravely going on a hunger strike!!

But that is not the best part of the story…as many as 2700 activists, including a number of Hollywood types, are going to participate in a “rolling fast” in which each person pledges to go with out food for 24 hours and then passes on the fast to the next person.


That is just asinine!! I have a much better idea. How about all of these people who Sheehan has said have “withdraw their support from this government" just simple go and hold their breath? Not a “rolling breath-holding” campaign but one in which they hold it at the same time.

They can then claim to be holding their breath to bring home the troops and to prevent the release of the deadly greenhouse gas Gore is constantly warning us about!

As an added perk the rest of America won’t have to hear from these crackpots for a while!!

3 comments to "Okay…what are these people smoking."

  • That is, by far, the best idea I have heard in years.
    Hubby and I heard from a friend of ours who we were stationed at Ft Stewart with last week. He went from Stewart to Germany to Iraq. His vehicle was hit by an insurgent fired RPG. Chief (hes a warrant officer) was injured very badly. He now has a few metal plates where he used to have bones, and he suffers from some back problems now.
    But he is still in the Army, hes piloting a desk, but hes still a part of it all.
    It scared the hell out of he though.
    Talk about hitting close to home.

  • did you hear that Glenn Beck sent Cindy Sheehan a veggie pizza when he heard about her fast?

  • Wow! I think i might try that I might loose a few pounds! Who does she think thats going to hurt? Not hurting me! Not enough people will be involved for the food industrey to hurt so who the hell cares if she starves herself. She should take it from 24hrs to 48hrs maybe she'll loose a few more pounds, or maybe I will get patent on it as the "war diet" and publish a book mmmmmm

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