We are not a true democracy!

Well once again Wisconsin can hang its heads down in shame. From what I have heard it looks like the city of Racine will have a referendum this fall on the Iraqi War!

Some unpatriotic people out there have it in their head that ‘we’ have a right to decide the moves of not only the government but of the military too. That the people can choose when it is time to change course in a war not those in charge. They believe that fighting for freedom should not come at a cost. They believe that they are more intelligent than those that would see evil-doers put to death…they would rather us get involved in civil wars.


If we were a true democracy:

  • The US would never have gotten involved in: WW I, WW II, Spanish-American War, Mexican-American War, Korea, Viet Nam, Gulf War, Grenada, Bosnia etc.

  • We would not have most of the social welfare programs that exist.

  • Roe v. Wade would not exist and abortion would still be illegal in most states.

  • We would not be part of the UN.

  • Clinton would have never been elected president…twice. (Remember he is the only President in history to be elected and reelected and not get 50% of the vote!)

  • Bush would have lost in 2000.

  • The Middle East would right now be a sheet of glass.

If they really think we are in the wrong maybe they should elect officials that have their point of view and not bother the rest of us with trivial matters that do nothing but strengthen the resolve of the enemy.

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