Where is the hate?

Here I sit in the heart of the UK. I’m not in the major metropolitan area, which just like the US is filled with the left leaning bleeding hearts, but in a manufacturing community which has the hard working people of the UK. I’ve talked with many of them and from time to time the topic of world affairs comes up and lo and behold there is no hate. There isn’t even any regret at helping us in the war on terror. There is simple respect for what we are…an ally.

The colleagues that I am working with are Italians we have talked about America many times and they look to America as an opportunity not the enemy. They see our country as my friend here put it “a place were one can dream.” These are men that have traveled most of Europe and they see America for what it truly is the land where people can go where they want and be what they want.

They have asked about how Americans view the war with Iraq…they hear that we all hate the war but we as a country refuse to get out. When I explained how the media is twisting the opinions of “most of America” they laugh and say that our media is just as bad as theirs. They thought our media was not biased…then it was my turn to laugh.

The hate that people hear of from other countries is the same hate that we hear about within our country…it is a small minority of people that do not like America and would hate us no matter what we were doing.

I am glad to call myself an American not only at home but abroad.

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  • The "hate" is in this country NOT about this country. It is bred by the hate America first left wing press. Say a lie enough and people think it is true. So goes the American press.

    Thanks for the over seas view

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