Mysterious post…Flashinski for 63rd Assembly…Vanishes!!

As many of you know I do slum it a bit on the lefty blogs but what I found interesting is a post that popped up yesterday on Blue Racine…but is missing today.

The post stated the Linda Flashinski, former Administrator of the Board of Education Communication Committee for RUSD (you may remember from RDW post in 2006 where she attacked Senator Stepp) and current Public Relations Officer for the Racine Democrat Party, had announced that she would be running against Assemblyman Robin Vos this fall.

I contacted Mrs. Flashinski for a comment and her response was that she “is exploring the possibility,” and that we will be notified “via a media release” if she decides to run.

To me she seemed that her mind was not made up yet…even asking me “do you think I should run?” Since she never asked what blog I post on I decided not to answer her directly…but lets be honest here…Linda attacked the call for an audit of RUSD and once the audit took place look what we found. Assemblyman Vos is a good guy that is looking out for the taxpayers. In my opinion shows over Robin Vos is the winner.

Ultimately, either Blue Racine was a little too quick to pull the trigger on the information or it was their way of kicking Mrs. Flashinski in the ass and telling her to run, either way it makes an interesting story.

Go Robin!!

3 comments to "Mysterious post…Flashinski for 63rd Assembly…Vanishes!!"

  • Linda Flashinski - seriously? Now that would be interesting. Guess I'll have to get in touch with Mr. Vos' campaign to make sure my yard sign is reserved.

  • Slumming? Yeah, well, whatever.
    Meanwhile, if you wanted to know about something I did, not Linda, you should have contacted me. It's not like I don't have open comments or my e-mail link on my blog.
    Nice research, don't go to the source, go to the subject.

  • Okay, I have to add that I just now had time to go over to read the link to rdw. Seriously, Flashinski sounded pretty professional in her statement to the press. Fred was practicing his hyperbole. And, worst was Stepp's unprofessional response about shoving contracts down throats.
    So, why or what has Flashinski said or done that brings on this wrath from people? She's too nice? She speaks too well? Too educated? Cares too much about the needs of children? Or is it that she was involved in public education?

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