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I usually have the utmost respect for a person that has been President...I'm wondering if Jimmy forgot to take his meds for the last 3 decades????
2008 Democratic Primary race...keeps going!!!

Always assume that people are watching and listening to you...especially if you are running for the Presidency!!

Is the lovefest over yet?

Do you think that Dean will be keeping his job after this election cycle? I almost feel bad for him...okay not really, I'm getting a kick out of the whole deal!!!

Assuming that the 0.8 degree increase over the past 3 decades (30 years for you lefties out there) is is more of a slow burn than an urgent disaster.

...but they buy their way out of the hypocracy...right Mr. Gore? Just buy 'carbon off-sets' and your worries about your carbon foot print go away...and get passed on to those that can't afford know those like us in "flyover country."

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