Name that Place

Last week had a clue if you had really good eye sight and could see the RWU in front of the pool. It was the Racine Water Utility…right in front of the Racine Yacht Club and South of North Beach.

This week is by far the hardest one that I have found so good luck!!

Name this Place:

5 comments to "Name that Place"

  • Is this the open lot I believe off of 11 (I think) where people go and fly there remote controll planes?? I also believe you can go there and pick strawberrys or some sort of fruit!

    Am I even close??

  • Close? strawberries here...location is not quite right either...

  • It's hwy 20 then and it has a name? Then you can pick Apple's or some fruit there...

    Is that right?

  • There is no fruit picking of any kind here.

    In fact the Mt Pleasant compost is right next to the field.

    Close got the correct use.

    See for all the details.

  • Wow... I could have sworn back in the day you could pick fruit there also...

    I always wanted to go there when they where flying the planes but never did... hmmm

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