Name that Place

Well nos1 guessed the same place when we first started this game:

NOS1 said...
is it the Golden Rondelle? I can't tell if the top of that pic is round or
not! Maybe its my computer
Wed Jun 04, 03:13:00 PM
And last week:

NOS1 said...
Is it the goldan rondell! Is that the name? hmm
Thu Sep 18, 07:35:00 AM
My question is this…Do I give credit for getting this correct or do I dock him for thinking that this…

Equals this…

Just joking…it is the Golden Rondelle and for those that remember the other one was the Racine Lighthouse.

Name this Place:

1 comments to "Name that Place"

  • I had a feeling you where going to say something like that. Espiacally when I saw last weeks and new it right away...

    Looks like a transformer toy! Or an airport terminal, If those cars weren't parked there!

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