Reason #3,532 for moving to Arizona

I have found that driving in Wisconsin during the winter months has become insufferable! You’d think that the people out on the road had never seen snow in their life and that they are going to die at the slightest tap on the gas pedal.

I found myself cursing out loud in my car yesterday morning because the people in front of me only felt save driving 20 mph on a relatively clear road. Now if that wasn’t bad enough when I got out of work the roads had been cleared (well as cleared as they are going to get when the salt doesn’t melt the ice because of the temperature) but because it was so cold they were still driving 20 mph…what are they afraid of…do they think that the car might slip a little and they would end up on their tail ends? They are driving like people walk when on ice?!?!

If you live in Wisconsin and you do not feel safe driving in the weather then do all of us a favor and just stay home! Some of us leave early so that we can get places safe when conditions are not ideal. We have trouble enough dealing with the weather we do not have the time or patience to deal with those that do not know how to drive under these conditions.

If I just moved to sunny Arizona where there is no snow I wouldn’t have to deal with this!

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  • This was funny because I live in Arizona and find that when people from AZ drive in any sort of inclement weather like a hard rain down pour, they become incredibly timid.

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