To all my cigarette smoking friends…

…I know there are a few of you still out there.

If you live near one of our neighboring states (with the exception of Michigan) I would recommend that if you want to buy your smokes you consider crossing the border to get them!!!

Once again Wisconsin has a higher tax rate than surrounding states…I thought we were raising the cigarette tax so that we would get more income not chase people out of the state?!?!

From the Tax Foundation:

2 comments to "To all my cigarette smoking friends…"

  • And this would explain why we drive 20 miles to stock up in MS. 18 cents is better than 62. Mississippi is raking it in from folks in TN. In ALL tax areas. But I'm not going to's a WHOLE lot better than WI. :)

  • the current House here in UT is playing around with an idea to increase the tax on cigarettes to about $3

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