Comic Relief

Did anyone else see Comic Relief Saturday night?

I enjoyed most of the show until the Bush bashing really started.

Billy Crystal did a great skit in which he portrayed an old musician displaced by Katrina but during the skit he asked “how America could forget a city?” Continuing the skit he asks “why it took the President 5 days to come to New Orleans but since it took Cheney 2 days to tell us that he shot his friend, what is 3 more days?” In the skit he asked the Mr. Bush to “stop your war for a day and send the money to New Orleans. Just one day…maybe 2 and spend that money here to rebuild New Orleans.”

A number of times during the show it was pointed out that the Republicans lost and that the Democrats will be much better for America.

Well I just want to point out once again that the people of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana were governed by Democrats and they were unable to keep their people safe. Democrats failed to act in light of one of the worst disasters that area has ever seen. The Democrats failed to ask for help from the Federal Government. Democrats put into place an evacuation plan that put thousands of people in a stadium that was ill prepared for the disaster. A Democrat failed to use the busses that were under his control to evacuate the people of the city of New Orleans.

All of this was done by Democrats and the hate for the Republicans grows. They vilify the Bush Administration for not acting…but ignore that their beloved Democratic officials failed them more than the Federal Government. Not only that, they reelect these same incompetent Democrats to continue to govern them.

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