A sad day…

For all those that have children…I’m sorry.

For those in the service…I’m sorry.

For those that pay taxes…I’m sorry.

For those that thought today would be brighter…I’m sorry.

For all those that voted for Democrats…I’m sorry.

You see today is a sad day in America. We have just put people into power that have said that they will:

  • Take more money away from families with children by eliminating the child tax credit that the Bush tax cuts doubled.
  • Use the war in Iraq as a political tool and embolden the terrorists by giving them what they want…a withdrawal of our troops.
  • Raise everyone’s taxes by “rolling back the Bush tax cuts.”

We all wanted the same thing today…a brighter future, but what we are getting is a lack of vision. The only thing that Democrats promised was a change in leadership; they got it, so what now?

They do not have a plan for Iraq that would be a winning solution.
They do not have a plan for continuing a robust economy.
They do not have a plan for allowing people to keep more of what they earn.
They do not have a plan for growing America.

But they have the reigns of power and I wait with bated breath to see how they will ‘fix things.’

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