Getting old…

I guess I never would have thought of sitting outside waiting for the next video game system to come out but when you look at what we had….


Screen shot

Compared to today….


Screen shot

…I under stand a little. But to shoot someone over it?? It is just not worth that!

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  • Being somewhat in that industrie, I can beleive this happens, these thugs are not shotting people because they want the system to play with. Sony announced a nation wide shortage on the systems, any time this happens with a sytem it creates a big hipe, Take me for example I bought one on thurs day early morning and turned around a couple of hours later and sold it $2500.00 and only paid 600
    Every time a shortage like this takes place thugs know they can make a profit of it and will at what ever cost. Mony can make people do crazy things.

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