The Nativity…

It has become big news now! The city of Racine is under fire from a Madison based anti-religious group, Freedom from Religion Foundation, about Racine allowing the display of a nativity scene on public land. (JT Article here)

It is rather funny when you go to wacky organizations like this and see that they actually have outlandish claims right on their home page such as:
“promote freethought and defend the constitutional principle of the separation of state and church.”

Um…the Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting free exercise there of.” Where is this separation principle they talk of? Oh yeah…Thomas Jefferson talked about it and the Supreme Court has said it but the Constitution does not!

If you are curious about this group and want to know what does the organization does you only have to look at there purpose page to see that they are honest about what they do.

“What does the Foundation do?

Files lawsuits!”

Here are my thoughts on the Racine Nativity debate:

Who is paying for the nativity to be put up? A private citizen and people who support him – NO GOVERNMENT FUNDS.

Was any religion excluded from putting up a display on public property? NO! In fact no one else even asked!

Should Racine have extended an offer to other religious and non-religious organizations to see if they wished to place a display? NO! That could be construed as exclusionary if the city missed an organization.

Personally, I am not very religious and I am offended that an organization such as FFRF is butting their nose into this situation! The Constitution prohibits the government from making laws establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise there of but FFRF would like to see laws that do just that…prohibit the free exercise of ones religion.

Mr. Wortock should be commended for his commitment to his religious belief and not made to defend them because a few people are offended. Mr. Wortock went before the city of Racine and asked if he could exercise his freedom of religion on public grounds…the fact that he had to ask permission to do that by its self is a shame…but the city saw fit to allow him to do it.

FFRF should either…ask to put up their own display or allow this man to exercise his freedom.

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