In Potawatomi’s Pocket?

I just finished reading Doyle’s Press release in which he wants to raise taxes on cigarettes and then ban the smoking in all, repeat ALL, public places.

Now many people will be talking about how Doyle is just trying to raise taxes to fix the budget mess he is in and the rest will be talking about how unjust it is to tell business owners that they can’t allow a legal activity to take place in their establishment but I think the story is more about payback.

What Doyle is calling for is a ban on smoking in all public locations including all restaurants and taverns. Think about that for a moment there will be no place where a person could go to have a drink and a smoke…or is there?

What I find interesting is that the ban can not be imposed on Indian Casinos…so the ban will drive business to the casinos where people will not only be able to buy their cigarettes cheaply but will be able to smoke them there as well.

Can you say quid pro quo? The Indians spent a lot of money to get Doyle elected and here he is throwing them a bone. This ban is a bad idea!

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