What a Weekend!

A number of potential Presidential Candidates threw their hats into the ring this weekend…it is getting to the point where we need a score card to keep track!

Well here is a scorecard just for you!


US Senator Christopher Dodd (CT)
Former Senator John Edwards (NC)
Former Senator Mike Gravel (AK)
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (OH)
Former Governor Tom Vilsack (IA)
Senator Joe Biden (PA)
Senator Hillary Clinton (NY)
Senator Barack Obama (IL)
Governor Bill Richardson (NM)


John Cox
Senator Sam Brownback (KS)
Former Governor Jim Gilmore (VA)
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (NY)
Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA)
Senator John McCain (AZ)
Congressman Ron Paul (TX)
Former Governor Mitt Romney (MA)
Congressman Tom Tancredo (CO)
Former Governor Tommy Thompson (WI)

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