Term Limits for State Officials?

Rep. Pridemore (R – Hartford) is proposing to limit how long elected State officials can serve by introducing a state constitutional amendment. (link to press release)

While I agree with Rep. Pridemore when he says “people considering an elective office should do so as a public service and not as a lifelong career choice” what harm is there in a legislator serving 16-20 years?

Now for a Governor, just like a president, I can see that there may need to be something in place to prevent an appearance of a monarchy but at this point all State Offices currently have term limits: Reps serve for 2 years, Senators for 4, Governor for 4, etc. They have to go before the voters every so many years and ask for their job back.

Why do we need to have an arbitrary number of years placed on a State Office when this person must face the electorate every few years?

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