A Caledonia Plea

The Concerned Citizens of Caledonia have created an Online Petition to encourage the Caledonia Trustees to conduct a feasibility study into separating from RUSD.

I would like to encourage everyone from Caledonia to sign on to this petition.

RUSD needs to be accountable for its continued inaction in creating better schools while maintaining good budgeting. RUSD has failed and it is time for communities to take back our schools but in order to do so we must understand the financial impact.

The petition is simple, here is what it says:

We, the undersigned residents of Caledonia, wish to have the Village of Caledonia trustees authorize a feasibility study to explore all the fiscal impacts of creating an independent school district for the residents of Caledonia.

That is it in total!

Please click the link below and sign the petition.

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