These are the people in charge…

WEAC Study of Superintendents view of No Child Left Behind

  • 80% of superintendents do not believe their districts will meet the AYP goal of all students scoring proficient or advanced by 2013
Here is the proficiency scale:

So it sounds to me like the superintendents;

a) think their teachers are so bad that they can’t teach students how to read or add

b) think the students are so bad that no teacher would ever be able to instruct them

c) think that a child should not be required to be able to read or do math

“School superintendents have been working under the burden of this law for five years now,” WASDA Executive Director Miles Turner said. “And what they now know is this is a plan in which failure was inevitable.”

I get it now…they didn’t like the law and therefore created the outcome that they expected.

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