Political timing…

From the Journal Times: McReynolds called into question for self-reported mileage

Diane Lange is trying hard to smear Bill McReynolds just a few short weeks before his re-election.

Ms. Lange claims that she has no “concerns about the amount of money requested for reimbursement, just the lack of documentation,” But if this were truly the case she would have brought this up in 2006, 2005, or even in 2004 when McReynolds was new to the position, not just prior to an election.

This is a blatant attempt to try to sway voters in a similar way Democrats did during Mac’s State Senate race regarding telephone records…there was nothing there either but they made hay out of it. Mac will prevail in this audit and I'm quite sure that he will win re-election.

I guess this proves the only way Ken Hall can win would be to try to steal the election.

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