Political Sick Leave

From today’s JT: Vos says Mason stands by government insiders

“Clearly, Representative Mason has a different view of government than the average taxpayer,” Vos said in a strong attack on Mason, who was elected to the Assembly in November. He replaced John Lehman, who is now a state senator. “Instead of being fiscally responsible and protecting the taxpayers of Racine County, he chose to stand by long time Madison insiders who want to continue this wasteful government perk.”

“This is a ridiculous perk that is not offered in the private sector,” he said. “It needs to be eliminated and Racine County agrees. Cory Mason should start standing up for his constituents instead of his party bosses in Madison.”
What I found striking was that Cory was not quoted once in the article! They got quotes from the Democratic Senate Majority leader but nothing from either of the Representative from Racine that support the sick leave for politicians.

Why is it that Mason and Turner are silent about their vote to keep this perk in place?

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