For those that don’t know my wife, she is in HR and she often hears from recruiters about how their contacts are leery of Racine because of how bad the school district is…well one of my wife’s contacts sent her the following…and I notice that it didn’t make the paper in Racine…funny!?!

The 9th Annual Comparative Analysis of RUSD

The analysis compares RUSD to 9 other similar school district from across the state…RUSD is not compared to Milwaukee in this analysis however in many areas Milwaukee’s numbers are shown as well.

Here are some interesting facts…

  • RUSD ranked #1 in Suspensions at 13.1% or 2,788 (Kenosha was #2 at 12.1% or 2,621)
  • RUSD ranked #1 in Expulsions at 1% or 202 (#2 was Janesville at 0.4% or 45; Milwaukee was at 0.3% or 309)
  • RUSD ranked #10 in Graduation Rates at 74.7% (Kenosha ranked #3 at 91.3%)
  • RUSD ranked #10 in the WKCE (Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam) Proficiency Exam for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th grade reading and math.
  • RUSD ranked #10 in % of students taking the ACT and in scores; 39.4% and 21.2 respectively.

There is a lot more but I thought I’d just give the highlights!

Is it any wonder that Caledonia wants to secede from RUSD? These numbers are terrible!!!

But before I start hearing about how little teachers are paid yadda yadda yadda…here are those numbers:

  • RUSD ranked #7 in Teacher Salaries and Total Compensation at $46,534 and $66,495 respectively.
  • RUSD teachers ranked #3 in Years Experience in the District at 12.3 years and #6 in Total Years of Experience at 14.0 years.
Over all I’d say that isn’t too then why are they not teaching the children?

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