Well, well, well…

The media has made quite a stink about 2 specific news items but has completely ignored a third.

#1 We keep hearing about how bad the Presidents approval numbers are…here are the last 3 Job Approval Polls:

OutletDate of PollApprovalDisapprovalSpread
CNN03/09 - 03/1137%56%-19%
CBS News/NY Times03/07 - 03/1134%58%-24%
AP-Ipsos03/05 - 03/0735%65%-30%

#2 We keep hearing about how great it is that the Democrats are in power and how they are doing such great things…look at the first 100 days!

#3 What keeps getting ignored by the media is the Congressional Approval Numbers…Here are the last 3 Job Approval Polls for Congress:

OutletDate of PollApprovalDisapprovalSpread
CBS News/NY Times03/07 - 03/1131%53%-22%
AP-Ipsos03/05 - 03/0733%63%-30%
NBC/WSJ03/02 - 03/0531%53%-22%

Hmm…I guess if I were a lefty I’d want to look the other way too.

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