I’ve got an idea…

For all of you that are out there wringing your hands about this global warming threat and how the oceans are going to rise X number of feet above your head I have the perfect idea for you…MOVE!!!

We here in the Midwest have some of the most open areas in the world…in fact if this global warming thing is right I would recommend all you warming nuts to start buying land in Manitoba and Saskatchewan since that will become the new grain belt. By the way right now some of that land is really cheap but that’s because it’s frozen!

Stories like this are going to drive me nuts…Cities at risk of rising sea levels

2 comments to "I’ve got an idea…"

  • Your right Manitoba and Saskatchewan is the land of opportunity. Large and growing cow herd new feed yard expansion and expansive grain growing acres. Land of opportunity

  • "In February, the IPCC warned of sea-level rises of 7-23 inches by the end of the century"


    I thought algore said 100 ft.?

    Shouldn't there be some sort of a consensus?

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