What is Missing?

So I’m reading the paper this morning and there is a story about Troha, again, and just for being up on the issues around Troha I read the article as it is printed in today’s JT. Now I could not find it on the JT website to point out what I felt was odd so I typed it out for this purpose. But I was not satisfied with just having it here without a link so I searched the internet for this story elsewhere and found it only to discover that the other article is different in layout than what was printed in the JT!

Here is the portion of text from today’s JT article that I thought was odd: Feds open up another investigation into Troha by Frederic Frommer AP

Troha was indicted March 1 on charges of illegally funneling more than $100,000 in campaign contributions to Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle and the federal account of the state Democratic Party.

The indictment alleges Troha concealed the nature of the transactions in his attempt to obtain approval for a casino in Kenosha and lied to FBI about it. Troha, the former owner of a major trucking firm now at the center of a multistate tax dispute, has pled not guilty.

Ryan said he has donated the $58,000 he has received from Troha and his family to the Boys and Girls Club because of the indictment.

Here is the article that is online: Feds open up another investigation into Troha

Notice how the paragraphs have been rearranged in the JT article?

What I found so surprising about all of the articles was that neither one of them talk about the fact that Doyle and the Wisconsin State Democratic Party have not returned the Troha money. They try real hard to tie Ryan to this guy but give a pass to Doyle!!! What hypocrisy!!!

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