Brownback interview from the cheap seats…

Senator Brownback sat down with Real Clear Politics Co-founder and ED Tom Bevan last week Wednesday and gave an insightful interview.

RCP: And is that maintaining current troop levels or is that doing redeployment of any kind?

BROWNBACK: Yes (Editor's note: The Senator's response here is indicating support for maintaining current troop levels). We're going to be there for some period of time to make this work. And part of my not supporting the troop surge is 1) I think it delays us getting the actual political solution, 2) I don't think we can impose a military solution in the region, and 3) to maintain the level of support we can't get in the situation we're headed into now - one party is for it and one party is against it. We're not going to be able to maintain political support here for the length of time we're going to have to maintain it to get this done. And I think it is past time we reach out to Democrats and say, "what will you support?" Not what are you against - I understand that part of it - but what will you support? And really get into the details with them of what you would actually do.

Everybody will say that they're not opposed to immigration; they're opposed to illegal immigration. That's what I'm saying. Let's go that path then. Let's create a legal system that can work. To do that you're going to have to up your numbers and make the system simpler, particularly for low low-skilled, low-wage type jobs.

Full Interview Here

Some of you may only know that Sam Brownback is the current Senator from Kansas and that he has announced that he is running for the presidency, well here are some additional facts on Senator Brownback:

  • Serves as the Ranking Minority member of the Committee of the Judiciary

  • Serves on the Committee on Appropriations

  • Serves on the Joint Economic Committee

  • Chairman of the Helsinki Commission (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe)

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