Only in the Journal Times…

I should not be surprised to find the following headline in today’s Journal Times Online:

Rep. Ryan votes against bill to bring troops home next year

The facts are even in the story…

"this bill is larded with $21 billion in unrelated spending and other pork-barrel items that have nothing to do with supporting our troops in the war on terror." Said Paul Ryan

Among the spending items he opposed in the bill include: $25 million for spinach farmers, $50 million for the “Capitol Hill,” $74 million for peanut storage costs, $120 million for shrimp and menhaden fishing industries and $100 million for citrus producers.
So why was this article not titled the properly…Rep. Ryan votes against pork barrel bill?

The Journal Times can not see past their agenda to belittle our troops and undermine every effort to win the war.

Paul Ryan did the right thing by telling the Democrats that this is not the right answer and in the process exposed them for what they really are big time spenders, but I wasn’t surprised!

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