An Excellent Point

From Robert Novak’s column at For GOP, A Void on The Right

Novak provided the points used by the poll takers (from a push poll) about the GOP frontrunners:

“McCain was said to have opposed tax cuts, favored "amnesty" for illegal immigrants and opposed a ban on same-sex marriage.”

“Giuliani: supported Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo's reelection in New York, is pro-gay rights and pro-choice, supports gun control.”

“Romney: "refused to ban" abortion in Massachusetts, committed to "full equality" for gays and lesbians, put health care in the hands of bureaucrats.”

While this was push poll, not a legitimate survey of conservative voters, it did do a lot to expose the liberal side to the current GOP favorites and maybe show voters that Gilmore, Brownback, and Gingrich might be a better representation of conservative values.

Novak hit the nail on the head with his closing line:

“The GOP race for 2008 may still be open, considering the conservative void.”

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