Temperature and CO2

I recently watched “An Inconvenient Truth” and have to say it was one hell of a dog and pony show! If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a scientific background I could have been swayed.

I’m going to ignore the glaring lies that actually came out of Al Gore’s mouth, the funniest one being that the end of communism was due to bipartisan cooperation, and I’ll focus on a graph that Al used. I found a similar graph on line at the Woods Hole Research Center web site:

Now Al Gore looked at this graphic representation and made a faulty assumption: CO2 levels cause temperature change.

I’ll admit when I looked at the graph my first thought is “Thank God we are raising temperatures! Look what is in store for us if we don’t!!” I mean with over 400,000 years of documented evidence to back it up you could claim that the next ice age is around the corner. Oh yeah they’ve hysterically claimed that before too!

But when I really looked at the graph I noticed something remarkable… there is no lag. What I mean is that there is an instantaneous relationship between temperature and CO2…so how do we know that CO2 is causing temperature increases and it is not the other way around?

An article written by Robert Essenhigh, Professor of Energy Conservation at Ohio State University, Does CO2 really drive global warming?, discusses these two options:

"Case 1: CO2 drives the temperature as is currently mostly frequently asserted; and
Case 2: Temperature drives the CO2 levels."

He concluded that temperature drives CO2 not the other way around.

Global Warming is real. It is going on as you read this. The IPCC was right in concluding that there is nothing man can do to stop this from occurring. That is where the hype ends.

Global Warming is a natural event and as we have seen (Katrina, the Indian Ocean Tidal wave, Tornados, Droughts) Mother Nature is in control.

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