How will the Algores of the world read this?

All I keep hearing from the left is how important it is that we move to ethanol…this should stop the noise for a while.

Here is the full study by Mark Z. Jacobson, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California: Effects of Ethanol (E85) Versus Gasoline Vehicles on Cancer and Mortality in the United States

Ethanol would raise ozone levels, particularly in certain regions of the country, including the Northeast and Los Angeles.

"It's not green in terms of air pollution," said study author Mark Jacobson, a Stanford University civil and environmental engineering professor. "If you want to use ethanol, fine, but don't do it based on health grounds. It's no better than gasoline, apparently slightly worse."

Also, the ethanol produces longer-lasting chemicals that eventually turn into hydrocarbons that can travel farther. "You are really spreading out pollution over a larger area," he said.

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