Hypocrisy or Lunacy

The Green Party of Wisconsin today put out the following press release that I found on The Wheeler Report: Wisconsin Green Party Endorses SB51.

Here is what I find striking, this same organization only a few short years ago submitted a press release and resolution condemning the USA Patriot act that said the following:

“The Wisconsin Greens oppose any attempt by the government to restrict individual freedom, unless a person's actions threaten the safety or welfare of others”

The USA Patriot Act “decreases the authority of the Privacy Act of 1974, thereby leaving the government free to search and seize private records without an explanation as to why they're being searched”

“The USA Patriot Act puts Wisconsin citizens at risk of having their records (school, medical, phone, library and Internet) seized by the government unnecessarily”

So they are opposed to having the government look into “people of interest” that might be a threat to Americans but not opposed to mandating that everyone turn over their heath and other personal records over to the government so that they can get lower insurance rates. Hmm is this hypocritical?

I will admit that messing with my insurance company is a pain but I have found nothing worse than dealing with governmental employees at any level. I think that is why I found the following part of the release so funny:

“a single publicly financed plan, it would eliminate waste, runaway costs, and red tape.”

That is because the government is known for having zero waste, never going over budget, and always having making it easy to get the information you need, right?

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