90% vs. 0.5%

I’m tired of the KRM crowd using the…“well if you want a referendum on rail then I want a referendum on roads.”

The simple fact is most people drive on the roads. Based on census data over 90% of Racine County commutes via driving. Therefore we need roads…we don’t need rail. If we inflate the numbers that Transit NOW is promoting as riding numbers then we would find that about 0.5% of Racine County would commute using rail and they would still have to use the roads when they got to their destination!

So if rail is only going to cater to 0.5% of the population but be paid for by all, should we not then buy bikes for those that wish to ride to work? Or new shoes to those who walk to work?

I’d also like to point out that comments about businesses shouldering the majority of the cost due to they rent most of the rental cars doesn’t hold water…when was the last time a company didn’t pass on their costs to their consumers? That is how they manage to stay in business!!

At the end of the day all the KRM enthusiast wants is the new choo-choo.

2 comments to "90% vs. 0.5%"

  • The aspect of this debate that's often overlooked is that much of our commerce travels by road. And that which can travel by rail already has an existing infrastructure.

    Let's see them get a 53' trailer with 20 tons of fresh produce to fit into one of those commuter trains!

  • Yes I just suggested on the latest JT thread they go to Toys R Us, buy a choo choo, go into their basement and play all they want.

    These people are truly deranged on the issue.

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