Do Democrats really get how good the economy really is? Yesterday George Will had a great op-ed piece titled Democrat’s Prosperity Problem.

I want to showcase a few of the fascinating points George will lays out for his readers:

Since the 2002 “Bush tax cuts”

  • There have been 65 uninterrupted months of growth so far
  • Quarterly growth has averaged 3%
  • More than 8 million jobs created
  • Deficit as a percentage of GDP is below the average since WWII

When the “Bush tax cuts” expire:
  • The lowest of wage earners will see the largest percent increase in their taxes – 50%
  • Child tax credit will go from $1,000 to $500
  • Marriage tax penalty will be restored

He also talks about AMT (created by the Democrats) and how in 1993 Democrats “fixed” it…now it affects nearly 23 million households.

George hit the mark with this piece.

Do they really think that rolling back the tax cuts will have a positive effect on the economy?
It leaves me wondering what will happen if a Democrat wins the White House?
Can they actually win the White House running on an “increase taxes” platform?

3 comments to "Fascinating"

  • No Bill, they don't get it or simply refuse to acknowledge it.

  • I believe they not only don't get it or refuse to acknowledge it, but actually are deluded into believing tax cuts hurt the economy and that more taxes are really the only way to grow the economy - some dems really believe this deep down in their core. Don't get me started on my in-laws! lol

    BTW, noticed one of the issues that I believe will be key in the 2008 election didn't make it in your poll - HEALTH CARE...more specifically...NATIONAL HEALTH CARE. Any reason why?

  • To be honest National Health Care was meant to be on the list!

    I will have to plead simple oversight! Sorry!

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