Where Should the Republicans Start?

I’ve been haunted by what an elected State Republican told me and others months ago regarding the State Budget bill. We were told that we have to “be ready to negotiate a tax increase” and that the State Republicans will try to get it to zero but that with such a large gap between what the Democrats are proposing and what the Republicans are hoping for there was not much hope.

So here is the dilemma; many of us have been calling our legislators and asking them to sign the “zero tax increase” pledge but to what end? We want 0% increase and the other side wants a 15% increase…where is the middle ground? 5-10% increase!?!?

Think about this another way, you are find a person selling something you want and they are asking $125 for it but you do not can’t to spend any more than $100 for it, what do you offer the guy? If you offer $100 and the guy says $110…the show is over. But if you offer $75 or $80 you might be able to talk him down to $100. That is how you negotiate effectively.

The Republicans in the State Legislature are in a similar predicament. In order for them to get us the 0% tax increase they need to start with a tax and spending cut equal to the tax and spending increase the Democrats are proposing. Maybe then we will see a true tax freeze that this state desperately needs.

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  • I agree with you. The Dems know they're not going to get every increase they want, but they're throwing every increase they can into this budget knowing that at least some of it will stick.

    And unless the Republicans do exactly as you suggest and bring in a budget with "cuts" to counter the "increases", we will see some percentage of increase in taxes - the question remains how strong will Republicans stand against the increases? I'm more than a little concerned.

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