Welcome to SE Wisconsin…that will be $13 dollars please.

While I am not surprised I was hoping that there would be no further developments on the whole KRM thing while I was gone but it looks like that wasn’t meant to be.

The State Senate moved forward on KRM yesterday by including the $13 fee on rental cars in the Governors budget.

Here is the JT link (06/25/2007: State Senate restores funding for KRM commuter rail in budget) and a few quotes from the blog…I think many of these people are nuts:

“This Milwaukee-Chicago corridor has got to be one of the most densely populated areas in the nation, so it's time to really make an effort to provide some better mass transit.”

What was this person smoking…have they ever driven through the “dense” areas of Racine and Kenosha…do we have any?

“I think its a great idea to have a train from Chicago to Milwaukee that would create more jobs and hopefully build up Racine's economy!!!!”

Once again it’s important that we tell people this is not going to Chicago it’s going to Kenosha!

“If riders are supposed to pay for the train then should drivers pay for the freeway and other roads?”

Once again the Brain trust has lost a good one…over 90% of people in the KRM corridor drive…only 0.5% will ever use KRM!!!

“We are now a community of commuters and service providers.”

So which is it? Is the train going to bring business as promised or will we become a bedroom community?

The same person said the following:

“A stronger link to the Milwaukee metropolis is needed. A train will provide the link.” and
“The problem with Racine is that we have a fairly large number of unemployable people who have no interest in education, jobs, arts & crafts, tourism, or anything else productive.That is the problem with Racine. The schools suck, crime is not controlled, and taxes are high, all because of this unproductive population.We can't get rid of this population, their roots are in deep. We can't improve them or change them in any way.So there, root cause done. Quit blaming the results.”

So explain to me how this little train is going to help this?

There is more but you are going to have to read it yourself.

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