Common sense?

Three white teens make overt racial references by hanging empty nooses in a tree.

Six black teens physically assault a single white teen.

The white teens broke no laws but committed a morally offensive gesture and they were suspended from school.

The black teens broke the law by beating on another person and they have been arrested and are going to be charged with battery.

Rev. Sharpton wants “federal intervention to protect people from Southern injustice”

Why don’t we turn the tables on Rev. Sharpton and ask the following hypothetical:

Six black teens, upset due to an out of date “white tree,” place pointed white hoods on the lockers of those white teens that hang out by this old “white tree.”

Days after the event, three white teens jump a single black teen and beat on him.

Should the white teens in my scenario be “set free”?

Any way you cut it what the teens did was wrong. The black teens unfortunately took it too far and now they are facing criminal charges. There were better ways to have handled the situation.

I think Rev. Sharpton would have been right to have “marched” after what the white teens did, not that it would have done anything, but that would make much more sense. But the idea of supporting a bunch of criminals (black, white, or purple) just makes a mockery of the Rev. and of the civil rights movement that he was a part of.

4 comments to "Common sense?"

  • No one is protesting that the Jena 6 should not be in jail, they absolutely should be.I believe they protesting that the charges are not equitable in nature.

    In the days leading up to the beating, and in the days immediately following - there was other many other offenses perpetrated by white teens - these teens were not charged with attempted murder as the young black men were!

    I'm sure you know the whole story, but in case others don't - here is a link.

    (Sorry about the source - but it's the best compilation of all the events I could find quickly.)

  • I have read the stories time and again and I still don’t see where the double standard is.

    In every instance where there was a fight between two boys of different race there was nothing done to either one of the kids.

    There have been zero reports in any of the news reports of a “gang” of white teens beating on a black teen. If there had been even one instance of this and they had not been charged equally I would be just as outraged but there hasn’t been.

    In the NPR story they talk about the white teen (alone mind you) that pulls the gun but was not charged while the black teen was charged with theft and disturbing the peace…did you notice that the story says that “Bailey (the black teen) and his friends took the gun away and brought it home.” WTF? I want to know why the other teens weren’t charged with theft as well?!?!

    The story glosses over the supposed beating of Bailey the night before at a party…I would be very curios to know more. Why did he not call the police on this? Why did he not tell this to police when he was arrested for the theft? If he did do either of these things why has there been no mention of it in any news report? The only time we have heard about this is in this report.

    If someone can show me a similar situation in Jena that proves that the law is not being equal then I will be upset until then I believe this is just another stage act for Rev. Sharpton and Jackson.

  • From what I understand, the young man was arrested for stealing the gun.

    Also I understand there were many fights started by young white men before this incident - I want to know why THOSE young white men were not charged with attempted murder.

    As I said before - I don't have a problem with the Jena 6 in jail - they broke the law. The injustice of it all comes from that is seems that there is a double-standard that is based on the color of their skin.

    According to reports, many residents (including white people) think that DA went way overboard on the black youth while giving the equally guilty white young men a break.

  • There is a difference between a group of people beating on someone and an individual...there were zero reports of groups of whites beating a black teen.

    Secondarily, the attempted murder charges were dropped even before the news broke. It was nothing but the initial charge and the DA quickly realized that it was not realistic.

    I think the point that I find the most disturbing is that the DA prosecuted Mr. Bell as an adult!!!

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