Have you written your State Senator today?

As most of you know the State Senate still has not taken up AB506 & AB507. Have you written your State Senator and asked for them to take action?

Here is my contribution…why not write to your Senator today?!?! For your convinence I’ve included all of their e-mails below!

Subject: The State Budget

Senator Lehman,

I would like to urge you to push your colleagues in the Senate to take up AB506 and AB507 and put these items up for a vote.

As you know these items are of the utmost importance in order to continue to fund education and our communities across the State.

The obstructionist tactics of the Senate Democrats to withhold these funds will not come without consequences to the State, your Party, or to you as you seek re-election in 3 years.

Once again, show leadership on this issue and pass Assembly Bills 506 and 507.

Your constituent,

William Folk

District Number 12
Senator Roger Breske Sen.breske@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 3
Senator Tim Carpenter Sen.carpenter@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 6
Senator Spencer Coggs Sen.coggs@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 2
Senator Robert Cowles Sen.cowles@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 8
Senator Alberta Darling Sen.darling@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 29
Senator Russell Decker Sen.decker@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 19
Senator Michael Ellis Sen.ellis@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 27
Senator Jon Erpenbach Sen.erpenbach@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 13
Senator Scott Fitzgerald Sen.fitzgerald@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 20
Senator Glenn Grothman Sen.Grothman@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 30
Senator Dave Hansen Sen.hansen@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 10
Senator Sheila Harsdorf Sen.harsdorf@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 25
Senator Robert Jauch Sen.jauch@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 33
Senator Theodore Kanavas Sen.kanavas@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 32
Senator Dan Kapanke Sen.kapanke@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 11
Senator Neal Kedzie Sen.kedzie@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 23
Senator Pat Kreitlow Sen.Kreitlow@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 1
Senator Alan Lasee Sen.lasee@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 24
Senator Julie Lassa Sen.lassa@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 28
Senator Mary Lazich Sen.lazich@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 21
Senator John Lehman Sen.Lehman@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 9
Senator Joe Leibham Sen.leibham@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 16
Senator Mark Miller Sen.miller@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 14
Senator Luther Olsen Sen.olsen@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 7
Senator Jeffrey Plale Sen.plale@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 26
Senator Fred Risser Sen.risser@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 15
Senator Judy Robson Sen.robson@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 18
Senator Carol Roessler Sen.roessler@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 17
Senator Dale Schultz Sen.schultz@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 5
Senator Jim Sullivan Sen.Sullivan@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 4
Senator Lena Taylor Sen.taylor@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 31
Senator Kathleen Vinehout Sen.Vinehout@legis.wisconsin.gov

District Number 22
Senator Robert Wirch Sen.wirch@legis.wisconsin.gov

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