“Give in or else!”

This is the message from Senate Democrats who are unwilling to budge an inch on their huge tax increase.

Today Senate Democrat Breske put out the a press release where he says in part, “It’s time to compromise and work out a budget and stop shortchanging Wisconsin residents.” So does this mean that the Democrats are willing to give up their HUGE tax increases? Are they willing to actually negotiate or are they expecting the Republicans to cave completely?

Assembly Republicans realized that the Democrats were going to play dirty with this budget so they passed AB506 and AB507 to fully fund education and our communities but the Senate has been unwilling to pass these measures and have in stead called for passage of a complete budget…or else.

My answer to the Democrats would be this: Pass AB 506 & 507 so that we can negotiate on the remainder of the budget. If you are unwilling to do so and only want a complete budget passed right now…then you have our budget that was passed by the State Assembly that does not raise taxes…pass that so the State can get on with the business of the people.

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